because if seeing is believing, then believe that we have lost our eyes.

16 Jan

The title is a quote from a song called I can barely breathe by a brillllliant band called Manchester Orchestra. I think we’ve established that I reallyreallyreally love indie music and this is another indie/alternative band!

Anyway I decided to write this post because it’s a marvellous band but mostly because I wanted to write about their beautiful music videos.

One of the music videos particularly relates to our ident and film introduction as well so I wanted to write about that. Okkkkkk!..

The videos are really arty; a lot of their videos include cartoons or people drawing.

The music video I wanted to concentrate on is for a song called Golden Ticket:

The first shot shows a man’s hands unscrewing a piece of paper, I think this was probably originally a video which showed him screwing up a piece of paper then it was reversed, this is what we did to a couple of shots in our film introduction so we could use them twice.

Then we see the man write the first words of the song onto the paper whilst the singer sings those words, the video is speeded up, we did something very similar for the ident; I am drawing an eagle, then I write the words, ‘Eagle Productions’, this is also speeded up.

The next part is a shot of the man drawing a little bird, Awww!

He pokes the bird before the music gets much louder, after he pokes the bird there is a really loud sound and the bird flies away.

One of my favourite parts of the video is when the man holds an elastic band and paper clip, he stretches the elastic band and lets go so the paper clip hits the bird.

Another one of my favourite parts is when he knocks over a cup of coffee which spills onto the page, the bird disappears and a fish appears like it is in a pond.


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